Truly Inspiring Real Life Love story (II)

The little things add up to big things

True love takes time, patience, and the efforts of two people who are completely dedicated to one other. The decision to marry someone is one of the biggest steps in life. And saying yes to someone’s proposal is almost as big! Coz it is going to be for a lifetime. And so our love story began this way, Being long-distance is the truest measure of time, but for us, our long-distance story never had a short-distance side. While I was studying in Mysore, he was working in Hyderabad. He was a classmate of mine, and after a few phone calls, we both felt we were familiar with the difficulties and complications that come with one. Until then, it seemed like one of those stereotypical instances when you know, you know. As a result, we resolved to do our best to make it work.

Get good at fighting

It’s a living, breathing entity, this bond. It can’t develop stronger without stress and challenge, much like the body and muscles. You have to put up a fight. You’ll need to work things out. Obstacles are what holds a marriage together. He went through hell and back to marry me.



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Shah jahan built Taj mahal in the memory of mumtaz, and i created this blog page in the memory of my manshu 💞