Truly Inspiring Real Life Love story (I)

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5 min readJun 11, 2022


Till now love success stories i have seen only in movies or it happened between rich celebrities in real life but i never imagined that even school dating's have even got succeeded. And it reminded me of one quote that where you put your 100%, you will get that no matter what.

Most of the love stories don't get succeeded because people always want everything to be perfect, everything to happen as per our time, as per our expectations, with everyone's happiness. We forget that the people around us have spent a considerable amount of time and energy to get to that level. As a result, we inevitably fall short of those expectations. As our illusion of perfection comes crashing down, our self-esteem tends to go along for the ride. So, to preserve ourselves, we give up. We stop trying as hard as we can so that the next failure doesn’t sting so hard. If this is something that you’re struggling with, then perhaps it’s time to adopt a long- term strategy of chasing progress instead. “The best things in love come to those who are patient, and willing to put in the work”.

True love knows no obstacles or distance.

This is the real life story of two of my school friends, who met fell in love and struggled and are happily together today. This story has inspired me so much that i wanted to write it down in my blog.

(Names changed to protect their identities)

Our story is straight out of a rom-com — I truly didn’t know that happily-ever-after's like this could exist.


I grew up in the Bangalore city where boys and girls were treated equal, and you must be knowing the city culture where even in those days people never used to judge at our clothes or our life style. Here people minded only their own business and i kind a got adopted to this culture. But soon after few years my dad got transferred to one small town which is Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh. And it felt quite difficult to adopt this town life after growing up all so years in the big city, with the change of language and way of living.

I was in 9th grade then, my dad got my admission in this school named LRG, which was one of the top school in those days. I was excited about knowing people here expecting they would be friendly and open minded. But when i came to school on day 1, my expectations went to zero, as people here were touch me not type, they looked at boys like they were from some other planet. Unlike in Bangalore, there we used to sit all together boys and girls, have lunch together but here in this school, girls wouldn't even meet their eyes with boys. It really felt very weird at first but later on i got used to this way of living. Slowly things were going good, i was able to focus on studies besides i made few good friends here. On weekends we girls used to hang out to each other houses, have lunch, roam around and gossip, it was so much of fun. Wish if we had android phones those days, i would have captured all these memories. One funny incident happened in my class which i wanted to share it here, there was a class leader system as attendance name wise. And i was the top 2 as per alphabetical order, so after my friend arshiya’s turn, mam called out my name Bhrithi, control the class, write names of those who talk or make noise. So i drew a box on black board with the heading names and i started to look out towards boys side to check if anyone is talking and i looked at one guy talking to the guy next to him. I was new in this class so i dint knew their names to write so i took out attendance register to check what was his name, and when i read out name vikas, my friend priyanka signaled me showing that fat person is vikas, and i too signaled the same, and i got cought by vikas while i was signaling him that way. And he got angry that he stoodup and asked if you dint knew my name you could have asked me, but i in anger told him to get out of my class. This was the only funny incident i remember from this school. This moment was when loshith started to notice me, he felt i am a brave girl. Later on after my grade 9, it felt difficult to study telugu so i changed my school and went back to Bangalore for my further studies.

Days were normal after that, we had no phones or easy internet access to keep in touch with these school friends that slowly this pain of missing friends faded away and i got busy with my inter life and college life. I got busy making my career and focusing on jobs. I never tried finding any of my school friends on those orkut days or facebook days as i wasnot familiar with my friends sur name. One fine day while i was going through my facebook account, i got notification of new friend request, as those days while facebook was new to us, most of them were online busy chatting or posting their updates and it felt fun going through peoples updates. So when i got this notification, i excitedly opened to check this person and it turned out to be loshith. I accepted his request and next moment i recieved his message asking my contact number. I liked his frankness unlike other boys who try to flirt first. So i shared him my contact number and we started to chat, slowly our chatting reached to callings. He told me that i was his school days crush but after that he started to like my nature and he wanted to know more about me. Liking his frankness, i wanted to give him a chance of knowing more about him so we decided to meet each other in mysore. Slowly i found out that even i started liking him so i said yes to him when he proposed me but this isnt the ending yet. As we see in movies, that when the girl starts loving back, the movie ends saying its an happy ending but this isnt the ending yet. The real struggle starts from here. It gonna be truly interesting the next part…………………………STAY TUNED