Too Much on My Mind

Days are getting harder and harder as time goes on. Today, in contrast to yesterday, became too empty. I’m unsure if I’m on the correct track. That’s too many to count. I want to spend the rest of my life with the man I love so much, but I’m afraid that his parents won’t approve of us no matter how long we wait.

I’m too optimistic, I’m hoping too fervently for this to happen, I want to get my dad to like him too, and I want to tell him about his side of the fight, but I can’t do that until his family supports me. God, please don’t make my life too difficult. People that send me ristas make it difficult to say no because there is nothing inherently wrong with their bios that would make me want to reject them. And until I am certain about my man’s parentage, I can’t even put up a valid argument. I’m unsure about what to do, Papa.

I truly want to marry you, I want to help you in your job for the rest of your life, and I want us to succeed together in the future, but before that, I want to be married to you soon so that I can be yours and make you mine forever. Please, Papa, do something for us one more time before things get really tough. Let’s hope for some miracles. I’ve been praying to God about your tests since the morning and I’m going to the Hanumanji Temple tomorrow to ask for better results on your examinations. Let’s improve our relationship and let our parents know that you were the best person for me and that I was the best person for you.

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Shah jahan built Taj mahal in the memory of mumtaz, and i created this blog page in the memory of my manshu 💞